Six years ago today, I launched my first practice. That first month, my practice website attracted 7 million unique visitors. It sure has been a ride. I’ve started three companies: Hello Health, The Future Well, and Sherpaa. I raised a total of about $40 million. I designed the most popular iPad app for physicians, Omnio. I’ve spoken all over the world from Australia to Cape … Continue reading

fieldstudy: Big news! We’ve lined up our final two debaters for next week’s debate on whether Designers Make the Best CEOs! Charles Adler (Cofounder/Creative Director of Kickstarter) will be joining the team arguing for the motion, and Jay Parkinson (CEO of Sherpaa, futurist doctor) will be joining the team arguing against. It’s going to be wild! get a ticket! It sure is going to be … Continue reading

I’m out in Phoenix for Google’s Zeitgeist 2013. It’s kind of like google’s internal TED conference. I spoke here 2 years ago so it’s always nice to be back as a participant rather than a speaker. At the time, Larry and Sergey were really talking up the car and I ate it up. I’d love to see a world that significantly reduces the nearly 40,000 … Continue reading

A few months ago, I hired Dr. Ezra Feinberg to be our mental health professional our clients can contact to help them figure out a plan to get folks back on mental health track. People will reach out and tell us their story, Ezra will ask a series of detailed questions designed to elicit the underlying issues, and he’ll connect you with a therapist or … Continue reading

sherpaa: Late last week, we launched a dream of mine in the Sherpaa app. I’m so proud of our team and the concept. There are about 1.4 billion doctor visits in America every year. These happen in doctor offices in 10 minute or less increments and research suggests that patients forget 85% of what their doctor says during the visit. There are plenty of reasons … Continue reading