Sometimes Sherpaa amazes me.

I’m in San Francisco for the week after having spent the weekend with Tim O’Reilly and folks at Foocamp. And I’m speaking at a Rock Health conference here on Friday, so I decided to save the environment and just stay and work here for the week. So I just checked in with my team and asked them for an update. Cheryl said it was a great day. 

As you may or may not know, my company, Sherpaa, procures the right health insurance for your company and makes healthcare accessible via our 24/7 concierge doctors. Fewer claims means fewer costs.

So we procured insurance today for two companies, both around 15 employees who were currently purchasing health insurance through either a broker or a PEO. They heard about us and were looking for something better. Cheryl said, for both, we saved them over $100,000 each. And that’s just by procuring the kind of insurance that makes most sense for their employees. Importantly, we never recommend a plan that’s a downgrade from their current offering. That’s our rule.

It’s almost funny money. Healthcare is just full of so much confusion, and that confusion leads to waste. And that waste is what our current system thrives on.

So, if you want a better system, put your money into something that’s fixing the problem, rather than blindly spending wasteful dollars on the same old nonsense.

Another new stat we ran last Friday. When people reach out to our doctors because they’re sick, they’re hurt, they need a refill, or have a mental health concern, we solve that problem 65% of the time without referring into the confusing healthcare system. That means 65% of visits don’t actually need to happen. That means 65% of a company’s claims, when they are clients of Sherpaa, never happen. Fewer claims means lower costs for both employers and employees.

And that’s why all of our clients have renewed with us for year 2 and we’re seeing that those premium increases are less than half of the average premium increase for companies.

We’re changing how healthcare is delivered, how much it costs, and how it’s paid for.

And that’s why I absolutely love what I do.