How I travel the world. This setup conquers all. Was in Montauk for the weekend to see Father John Misty at the Surf Lodge. And a little bike riding on the side. This is my first summer in NYC having a car and it literally changes everything. The best summer of my life so far. Of course, there are good and bad parts, but all … Continue reading

Eat real food, as close to nature as possible. It’s what we do to food that is a problem — processing, refining, reducing and altering in general. Forget about reduced fat and skim milk. The less processing the better. If you’re going to eat fat, choose good quality and go for full-fat. Eat avocados, use olive oil or coconut oil (yes coconut oil is healthy) in cooking, … Continue reading

The secret to being healthy is to make being healthy as easy as possible. This is my data from my favorite app, Moves. Moves uses your iPhone to track how far you walk, cycle, and run every day. I’m a bit of a cyclist. Back in late May, I rode my bike about 85 miles to Montauk. I love that ride. I do it every … Continue reading

In an effort to get New Yorkers to eat a little healthier, the city is launching a pilot program at two hospitals that will have New Yorkers receive “prescriptions” that can be used to purchase fruits and vegetables at farmers markets. The program, which is part of a national campaign to help doctors change the eating habits of their patients, will focus on low-income, high-risk … Continue reading

Does viewing data about your life increase healthy behavior? We’re already successfully measuring our lives today with our money (Mint), with our social relationships (Facebook), and our physical locations (Foursquare). I recently posed a question on Twitter: Is anyone aware of high quality research that suggests viewing personalized life data changes everyday behavior? For example, does Mint change an individual’s spending behavior for the better? … Continue reading