Sherpaa is essentially having its first birthday. We’re currently renewing our initial clients’ health insurance for their second year with Sherpaa. I’m extremely happy to say that the theory Sherpaa was founded on is proving true. If you use healthcare resources appropriately, premiums decrease, and patient satisfaction markedly increases. If insurance companies see that your company has an online group of doctors your employees can contact 24/7 to prevent costly healthcare hassles and wastes of time in the ER, premiums decrease. 

We’re doing all of this while significantly improving the patient’s healthcare experience. You’re no longer on their own. You’ve got some of the finest doctors in NYC accessible via our app. No more doctor visits just for refills. No more 8 hour ER visits just to hear that everything’s going to be ok. 

I’m thrilled. We’re up to almost 50 companies now. We just did the calculation. We’ve saved our companies almost $1.3M in health insurance premiums alone. This does not include the costs of unnecessary ER, doctor, and refill visits. That’s a difficult one to calculate, but we’re working on it.

The companies we’re renewing have been quoted only a 6% increase in premiums. Compare this to the NYC average of 12% and you can understand the impact we’re having. If you consider the Rule of 72, when your company goes with Sherpaa, you can expect your premiums to double every 12 years. When you purchase health insurance via someone else who isn’t focusing on helping your employees use their health insurance wisely, you can expect your premiums to double every 6 years. Do the math, and you can quickly see that, instead of blindly throwing this money at insurance companies, you’re investing it back into your company. 

And I am overjoyed. Sherpaa is the rare kind of business that creates a win/win/win.  

Can I get health insurance through my gay spouse?

Yes! If your gay spouse is an employee of the federal government, you are now eligible for health benefits. (It is also now a federal crime to threaten or kill you in order to influence your gay fed spouse!) (On the other hand you also cannot accept expensive gifts from foreign governments.)

Depending on your employer, or the state you live in (all civil union-recognizing states except Nevada require spousal coverage), you may already have insurance through your gay spouse, in which case, congratulations! It is now treated as a tax-free benefit.

If you receive Medicaid benefits, your gay spouse’s income will be one factor used to determine your eligibility, which means you may cease to qualify for them.

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We’re extremely excited to launch our new Sherpaa app today! If you’re a Sherpaa client, you can:

  • create a profile
  • answer some health questions
  • create a new Concern and choose from the options you see above
  • see all of your communications with our doctors all in one place
  • see your clearly laid out plan so you know exactly what your next steps are

The complicated component of the app is on the doctor side. As doctors, we need to ask the right questions to get an accurate diagnosis and then treat the unique issue accordingly with the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment plan. We can also see every communication we’ve ever had with you. It’s almost like your Facebook timeline brought to healthcare. 

Research suggests that people forget 85% of what their doctor says during a visit. This type of online communication with our doctors puts an end to that. You can simply log in and see exactly what we said and the plan we put in place with you to take care of your unique issue. 

You can also ask insurance questions, such as:

  • What does this bill mean?
  • Will my insurance cover this kind of test?

We solve the health problems you have about 70% of the time. We’ll refer you to exactly who you need to see for the other 30%. Our mission is to make healthcare convenient and effective. By doing so, we also make it affordable. Our app is a major step forward making healthcare awesome, together.