Sherpaa is essentially having its first birthday. We’re currently renewing our initial clients’ health insurance for their second year with Sherpaa. I’m extremely happy to say that the theory Sherpaa was founded on is proving true. If you use healthcare resources appropriately, premiums decrease, and patient satisfaction markedly increases. If insurance companies see that your company has an online group of doctors your employees can … Continue reading

Can I get health insurance through my gay spouse? Yes! If your gay spouse is an employee of the federal government, you are now eligible for health benefits. (It is also now a federal crime to threaten or kill you in order to influence your gay fed spouse!) (On the other hand you also cannot accept expensive gifts from foreign governments.) Depending on your employer, … Continue reading

sherpaa: We’re extremely excited to launch our new Sherpaa app today! If you’re a Sherpaa client, you can: create a profile answer some health questions create a new Concern and choose from the options you see above see all of your communications with our doctors all in one place see your clearly laid out plan so you know exactly what your next steps are The … Continue reading