If you think about what happens when you go see a doctor in their office, it’s a stressful, rushed conversation. Research says that you get about 12 seconds of talking before your doctor interrupts you and starts hammering you with questions. You have to think on your feet because the conversation is forced and you know your doctor doesn’t have all the time in the world. 

One of the ways we’re mitigating this problem with Sherpaa is via good old-fashioned online communication. When you have a problem, you simply log in to Sherpaa and choose from:

  • I am sick
  • I am hurt
  • I have a mental health concern
  • I need a referral
  • I need a refill
  • I have an insurance question

After that you get a big free text box to write as much as you want with the time to think about what you want to write, free of interruptions from a harried doctor. 

The quality of the information we get as Sherpaa doctors is far more detailed and thought-out than your traditional office visit. When one of our clients creates a case, we typically get a few paragraphs of information, then we send back more detailed questions we need answered and then you again get unlimited amounts of time to think about how best to answer those questions.

It’s a highly efficient means of obtaining super high quality information. Given that a diagnosis is about 90% asking the right questions and 10% tests or imaging, I think we can be better doctors…online.

Because forced, stressful, synchronous communication is one of the worst means of communication known to humans.