The paradox of bike helmet laws: the fact that wearing a helmet, without question, reduces an individual rider’s risk of injury (recent work estimates an 88 percent reduction in brain injuries and an 85 percent decrease in head injuries) but appears oddly neutral, or worse, for riders at large. Add in the fact that legislation does increase helmet usage among riders, and it would seem to follow that … Continue reading

If you think about what happens when you go see a doctor in their office, it’s a stressful, rushed conversation. Research says that you get about 12 seconds of talking before your doctor interrupts you and starts hammering you with questions. You have to think on your feet because the conversation is forced and you know your doctor doesn’t have all the time in the … Continue reading

I trained as a pediatrician at St. Vincents Hospital in the West Village. I think Vinnies was the reason why I stayed sane during residency. If I had to do my residency somewhere in Pennsyltucky, I don’t know if I could have made it. I needed the diversity, the beauty, the history, and the community. I needed the most beautiful neighborhood in the best city … Continue reading

I got into The National back in 2005 and saw them at the 9:30 Club in DC on their Alligator tour. And ever since then, they’ve consistently created a body of work that gets better with each album. However, upon the first listen of each new record, it takes me about 2 weeks to realize that the newest record is better than the last one.  … Continue reading

Part of being an entrepreneur is knowing when to shift tactics.

When you’re building something new like Sherpaa, you have no real precedent to see how other companies sold the product/service. You can’t learn from others. So you have to build something, get it out there, see how people react, and experiment with what works best. Once you get a hunch that something is more effective, you build that and run with it. We created Sherpaa … Continue reading Part of being an entrepreneur is knowing when to shift tactics.

There’s currently a measles outbreak occurring in Williamsburg and Borough Park in Brooklyn. There have been 34 cases, 8 of which were in adults. Here’a brief history of measles in America. This is what effective vaccines do:  Measles is coming back because of a quack of a doctor in the UK who admitted to publishing blatantly false data for fame and notoriety. He falsely connected autism … Continue reading