Meet Dr. Ezra Feinberg. Ezra is our clinical psychologist. We’ve come to re-think the standard $250, 50-minute weekly therapy session. Sometimes you only need a 15 minute chat to feel safe and comforted. Sometimes you may need visits over the next month with a therapist to help you get through a breakup, or you may need intensive therapy with a psychiatrist for longer to help you overcome a serious issue. All our clients are different, so we’re envisioning ways to make mental healthcare work best and most affordably for you. Ezra will guide you to exactly who and what you need.

What’s your favorite thing about being a psychologist?

Working one-on-one with patients is definitely my favorite thing about being a psychologist. The therapeutic process is intense and challenging, but helping people to improve their lives is the reason I got into it in the first place.

What makes NYC special to you?

It’s the energy. There’s no other city with this kind of energy, and it brings out the character in everyone. It’s also a pain in the ass, but I’ll never leave New York.

Besides being a psychologist, how do you spend your time?

Time with friends and family of course, and lots of time reading, seeing films, listening to music, playing music, exercise, and eating delicious meals prepared by the various culinary geniuses in my life.

Tell us about your decision to become a psychologist.

It hit me shortly after I graduated from college. I thought “that is something I could do” which was immediately followed by the thought “but not right now.” It would be another five years before I entered my doctoral program. I knew it was a big decision and I wanted to be ready.

We all know healthcare is broken. What is it about Sherpaa that makes
you feel like you’re part of the solution?

The “care” part of our current healthcare system has gone unaccounted for. By providing access to doctors and specialists right away Sherpaa makes people feel cared for, and feeling cared for is a crucial step in becoming healthy, no matter what the ailment.