Gitmo is having a hunger strike problem: As of Tuesday morning, 100 of the 166 prisoners at Guantánamo were officially deemed by the military to be participating in the hunger strike, with 21 “approved” to be fed the nutritional supplement Ensure through tubes inserted through their noses. “We will not allow a detainee to starve themselves to death, and we will continue to treat each … Continue reading

Every dollar spent at a locally owned business generates two-to-four times the economic development impacts as a dollar spent on an equivalent non-local business. Forbes piece on the amazing power of spending locally.  (via poptech) It’s not only healthy for you to eat fresh and local food, it’s healthy for your neighborhood’s economy.  And speaking of a healthy community, I’m speaking tonight at an event … Continue reading

“Ok for Al Jazeera to come tomorrow to the office?” Cheryl, the co-founder of Sherpaa, just hit me up on Skype to ask me this question. I’ll chalk this up to “things I never thought would ever happen when I finished my residency nearly 6 years ago.” Continue reading

sherpaa: Meet Dr. Ezra Feinberg. Ezra is our clinical psychologist. We’ve come to re-think the standard $250, 50-minute weekly therapy session. Sometimes you only need a 15 minute chat to feel safe and comforted. Sometimes you may need visits over the next month with a therapist to help you get through a breakup, or you may need intensive therapy with a psychiatrist for longer to … Continue reading

thisistheverge: After ‘Music for Airports,’ Brian Eno turns to hospital soundscapes Brian Eno, the former member of Roxy Music widely credited with inventing ambient music, is working on light and sound installations designed to provide a “healing environment” inside hospitals. It’s a fitting setting; Eno’s ambient work, as exemplified by albums such as Ambient I: Music for Airports, is said to have been inspired by … Continue reading