A few of us from Sherpaa just got back from SxSW. We spent almost a week in Austin making new friends, enjoying ourselves, and spreading the word about Sherpaa. 

We believe accessibility is the best prevention. So we decided to make sure that no matter where you went in downtown Austin, we wanted folks to have access to prevention. 

After reading the ESPN article about the 100,000 condoms distributed to the Olympic athletes in London this summer, we figured SxSW is sort of like the Olympics for geeks, so we designed some Sherpaa-branded condoms. We distributed them to about 100 bars and restaurants in downtown Austin. We put them in plastic beer pitchers so the bars could reuse the containers. We had about 1000 condoms left over, so we donated them to Planned Parenthood in Austin so they’d go to a happy home. 

We created five different versions so you could collect them all and trade them with friends!

I enjoyed the hell out of SxSW.