I’m speaking at Etsy’s annual conference, Hello Etsy on March 23. Here’s how they describe it:

Hello Etsy will address the future of consumption, new methods of production, alternative approaches to work, and more purposeful ways of doing business.

I’ll be giving a whole new talk about Re-Imagining Work:

Jay Parkinson emerged from medical school into a broken industry. Rather than going down the standard route, he became an entrepreneur with the ambition to fix it. By reimagining how doctors define health, how they communicate, and how they get paid, he is creating a new system for providing care for patients. Parkinson, founder of Hello Health and Sherpaa will discuss how we can reinvent our approach to work, especially in a system as rigid as that of healthcare.

Other speakers include Chris Anderson, the ex-editor of Wired, Robin Chase, the founder of Zipcar, and many other greats. You should go.

Btw, they asked me to take that photo.