Last week, the NY Times published a story about “Baby ACE.” It’s a deeply touching story about a man finding a baby in a subway station along the A/C/E line twelve years ago. Long story short:

  • Danny finds the baby and calls his partner Peter.
  • Danny and Peter end up adopting the baby in a surprising and emotionally charged turn of events facilitated by a compassionate judge.
  • Twelve years later, the judge that facilitated the adoption, as suggested by their now 12-year-old son, Kevin (aka Baby ACE), marries Danny and Peter.

It’s a fascinating story and will put a tear in your eyes. And then, Dr. Ida Santana, one of our doctors here at Sherpaa, sent me an email this weekend. Both Ida and I did our pediatric residencies at St. Vincents in the West Village. Ida was two years ahead of me and was my Chief Resident during my second year of residency. Here’s what Ida sent me:

Funny, just yesterday in the subway I was remembering Baby ACE who Peter and his partner brought to St. Vincents Hospital when they found him on the subway and then I saw the baby in the clinic for well visits back when I was an intern. Such an improbable story, and yet with a perfectly aligned New York happy ending. I remember the nurses were all in favor of them keeping the baby, and they were shocked that they’d be allowed to keep him.

It’s such a small world sometimes and I don’t think Baby ACE could have had a more wonderful doctor. And we’re extremely fortunate to have Ida working with us today. She’s one of a kind.