A new study suggests that eating eggs isn’t as bad for you as we thought. 

But of course. Eggs are real food. And, when studying things as complex as the eating habits of human beings and deducing what happens to a population decades away from now, it’s most likely impossible to even study. Especially when studying humans is complicated by this:

Simply put, if you’re attracted to ideas that have a good chance of being wrong, and if you’re motivated to prove them right, and if you have a little wiggle room in how you assemble the evidence, you’ll probably succeed in proving wrong theories right.

And of course, you have to ask yourself the following question when you come across a study like this— who would pay for and profit off the positive results from this study? In this case, the egg industry? If not the egg industry, then it’s essentially a doctor with an interest in eggs for some strange reason with very little resources to conduct a study powerful enough to extract meaningful and replicable findings. And therein lies the issue with all of these kinds of studies. 

My advice, as lifted from Michael Pollan:

“Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”