Sherpaa saved our clients over $6,000 this week


We are thrilled that our members are emailing us first whenever they have a health insurance question or concern. Here’s how it works:

  • Snap a photo of your bill and/or explanation of benefits from your insurance carrier
  • Provide us a brief description of your concern and submit the issue to us at Sherpaa
  • We go to sleuthing  

In several instances, we were able to identify procedures that were improperly coded by doctors, causing less of the cost to be covered by the carrier. We were also able to assist our clients with HRA cards that had incorrectly declined services. These fixes all take us a short amount of time, but had our clients attempted to find solutions on their own, they would have been on the phone with their carrier as well as their providers for hours. 

One of our clients had a $2,000 bill that we questioned for her. After going to work for her, she owes nothing. Healthcare is just so confusing and so ridiculously expensive, you really do have to have an expert to keep an eye on everything for you. Saving our clients’ time and money— it’s one of the many things Sherpaa does day in and day out.