Coca-Cola released an ad today warning that their products may be hazardous to your health.

In 1964, the Surgeon General released a report saying that smoking is bad for you. This was when 50% of adults smoked. Today, in NYC, 11% of New Yorkers smoke. A seventy-eight percent decrease in 48 years. 

The obesity conversation is just getting started in America. And brands have learned a bit more about what happens to them when they don’t take action themselves to curb the roles they play in adverse health effects of their products. I have faith that in 50 years, overweight and obesity will decrease significantly in America. 

Even though Coca-Cola has played a significant role in obesity in the world, they aren’t acting completely recklessly. They’re making steps, albeit baby steps, but they are developing a conscience. And that, my friends, is the first step in acknowledging a problem. 

It’s going to be fascinating to see how we as a culture deal with obesity over the next 50 years. The point is, have patience and acknowledge and support all the baby steps we see happening around us in various corners of our culture. This is a start.

Coming Together (by CocaColaCo)