I recently used 23 and Me to test my DNA for a whole battery of genetic markers to understand my increased or decreased risk of various genetic conditions. I essentially found that I am: a mighty fine specimen of genetic health a slow caffeine metabolizer greatly increased odds of floxacillin toxicity decreased risk for Type 1 Diabetes and Alzheimers have no bad variants of the … Continue reading

A new study suggests that eating eggs isn’t as bad for you as we thought.  But of course. Eggs are real food. And, when studying things as complex as the eating habits of human beings and deducing what happens to a population decades away from now, it’s most likely impossible to even study. Especially when studying humans is complicated by this: Simply put, if you’re attracted … Continue reading

Sherpaa saved our clients over $6,000 this week

sherpaa: We are thrilled that our members are emailing us first whenever they have a health insurance question or concern. Here’s how it works: Snap a photo of your bill and/or explanation of benefits from your insurance carrier Provide us a brief description of your concern and submit the issue to us at Sherpaa We go to sleuthing   In several instances, we were able to … Continue reading Sherpaa saved our clients over $6,000 this week

If you’re a health professional here in NYC and want to meet the Sherpaa team and mingle with other like-minded health professionals in a beautiful space with cocktails on Sherpaa, please RSVP here. We’ll see you tonight at 6:30! If you’re a health professional we know and love, here’s what you get from working with Sherpaa: Great new patients. Our clients are engaged in their … Continue reading