We just launched a handy new tool for companies to see how much Sherpaa typically saves companies like theirs. So, if you’re interested in how Sherpaa saves money for your company, head over there and find out. It’s an interesting little tool. This particular example is based on a company of 30 people.

Healthcare is so inefficient and so confusing and so expensive, that it’s actually quite easy for us to analyze a company’s spend and prescribe a better, more beneficial, and less expensive strategy for your company. You just have to deeply know the space and have plenty of experience. And that’s what we do at Sherpaa.

And in the end, it’s nice to know that by doing so we’re decreasing the amount of money in the Health System’s pot. Healthcare is too expensive and inefficient already. And we’re off to a good start making healthcare affordable, accessible, and appropriate. Exciting times indeed.