We just launched our new Sherpaa site this morning. It’s really beautiful with crystal clear messaging and we’re quite proud of it. Head on over to the site and poke around.

We currently cover almost 20 companies. And we’ve only been signing up companies since August. We’re ecstatic. We’ve really been nailing the experience for employees. When someone in one of our companies has a health or health insurance issue, they email or phone us and we’re on the problem within minutes. Our exceptional doctors here in NYC are creatively solving hard problems every day. It makes us all feel good. 

But health for companies is ridiculously complicated. If you’re running a company, procuring health insurance is a royal pain in the ass. It’s confusing, you have no idea what you’re doing, you have no idea what your employees need, it’s expensive, a stupid mistake can cost tens of thousands of dollars, etc, etc, etc.. So that’s where we come in. You just turn over your entire company’s health to us, we come in and get you the exact plan that’s perfect for your company, and then wrap our arms around your entire company for the year with 24/7 access to our doctors. And by doing so, we save about $1,000 to $4,000 a year per employee. Healthcare is just so inefficient and so expensive, it’s quite easy for us to come in and optimize your spend.

And we’re also nearing the launch of our own app so our doctors and our patients can best communicate and solve real health issues. We’re also ridiculously proud of its function, its simplicity, and elegance. The technology doctors currently are forced to use is atrociously ugly and unnecessarily complex and confusing. We’re taking quite the opposite approach. So here’s a screenshot from the doctor’s perspective in working with a patient. Don’t worry, it’s not real patient information.