Tumblr and inspiration.

I have probably about 40 different blogs on tumblr. Some of them are public and some of them are private. However, one that I cherish the most is a private tumblr where I collect very personal things that I’ve either written or read or reblogged that deal with my private life. These are things that are big insights into my life or things that inspire me to be a better person. I want them to all exist in one place so that I can access them easily and be consistently reminded about all the inspiring and insightful things in my life. 

I couldn’t imagine doing this on Facebook. I would never feel safe that this information wouldn’t just be made public someday because Zuckerberg believes in openness and advertising and just flips a switch. This is extremely personal stuff and I trust David Karp infinitely more than Zuckerberg. David’s vision for tumblr, his consistent and intelligent views on privacy and creatively generating revenue for tumblr that doesn’t depend on the lazy ads typical found on the rest of the internet…that inspires me to use tumblr not only for my professional blog, but also for really personal and important information in my life. Tumblr is an emotional connection to technology and myself.