We just launched a handy new tool for companies to see how much Sherpaa typically saves companies like theirs. So, if you’re interested in how Sherpaa saves money for your company, head over there and find out. It’s an interesting little tool. This particular example is based on a company of 30 people. Healthcare is so inefficient and so confusing and so expensive, that it’s … Continue reading

THE POGUES – The Story Of “Fairytale Of New York” from Videodrome Discothèque on Vimeo. craigmacneil: THE POGUES (With Kirsty MacColl) – The Story Of “Fairytale Of New York” Richard E. Grant narrates this terrific documentary on the origin and legacy of The Pogues and their Christmas classic “Fairytale Of New York”. Featuring interviews with most of the band (including Shane), Steve Lillywhite, Nick Cave, … Continue reading

External link to Sheer Malice: A Doctor’s Take on Home Alone

Sheer Malice: A Doctor’s Take on Home Alone

heyitsnoah: More fun Christmasy stuff, this time it’s from The Week and comes in the form of a doctor examining the true extent of the injuries to the burglars in Home Alone. I’m partial to his explanation of the effect of the burning-hot doorknob: If this doorknob is glowing visibly red in the dark, it has been heated to about 751 degrees Fahrenheit, and Harry gives it … Continue reading Sheer Malice: A Doctor’s Take on Home Alone

It’s possible that preventing people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other serious mental illnesses from getting guns might decrease the risk of mass killings. Even the Supreme Court, which in 2008 strongly affirmed a broad right to bear arms, at the same time endorsed prohibitions on gun ownership “by felons and the mentally ill.” But mass killings are very rare events, and because people with … Continue reading

As with guns, some auto deaths are caused by people who break laws or behave irresponsibly. But we don’t shrug and say, “Cars don’t kill people, drunks do.” Instead, we have required seat belts, air bags, child seats and crash safety standards. We have introduced limited licenses for young drivers and tried to curb the use of mobile phones while driving. All this has reduced … Continue reading

sherpaa: Meet Dr. Ida Santana. Ida is an integral part of the Sherpaa clinical team and answers many of the calls and emails we get from clients. She is triple boarded in Pediatrics, Palliative Medicine, and Internal Medicine. Ida is a special person to me. She was my chief resident during my pediatric residency. And it’s such an honor to work with her again. She’s … Continue reading