If you’re thinking of volunteering today, here’s some helpful advice.

Think of a job you can or want to do, and bring along everything you need to do that job. 

It sounds obvious. But for me and many others who were helping out yesterday in disaster areas, this didn’t occur to us to have a mission. Our mission was to go to an area and help out.

Yesterday, a group of four people rolled up in a truck, unloaded a huge pot, many pounds of carrots and potatoes and spices, and a propane tank. They set up their own independent soup station. They had everything they needed to make a super tasty and fresh soup, and then they made it and served probably 200 people. Then they packed up and left. It was super efficient and super effective. 

It’s always good to have a focused mission. And it’s always good to be fully prepared to execute exactly what you plan.

I’m packing everything I need to grill as many sausages as I possibly can. They were a hit yesterday.