Looks like the power is back on in many parts of lower Manhattan. I’ve been so fortunate. The most that I experienced with Hurricane Sandy was my Internet went out for three hours while I was sleeping and I can’t jump on the L train and be in Union Square in 5 minutes. But walking down to the water and seeing a darkened city bright once again brought some tears to the eyes. This city was built for us. It was built by people with a vision. Geniuses built our subway, our grid, our water supply, our city. But the most important part of NYC is that it was built with constraints. We’re a vulnerable island. But because of these constraints, we’re by far the most creative and resourceful place on earth. Our constraints, our resourcefulness, and our execution attract those of us who want— who need— to do something great with our lives. It’s times like these that remind us that people have been working and creatively thinking about restoring this city back to normal. And they’re executing flawlessly. Makes me so proud to call this wonderful place my home.

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