iPhone passcodes

I went for a walk around the park with Buddy tonight as I always do. But as I was walking, I saw something blue glowing in the grass. I got closer and realized it was someone’s iPhone. I had just missed a call to this stranger’s phone. I picked it up and unlocked it so I could email the owner that I had their phone. However, it was passcode protected. So I had to wait for a call to come through.

There needs to be a button that you can press that circumvents passcode protection that creates an email to the owner saying you have their phone. It’s interesting that security presumes that an unauthorized user only wants to do harm, not good. But I’d bet that 95% of us, if not more, would return a found iPhone if we had the opportunity. I get it though…security is only as good as its weakest link.

The story has a happy ending. He got his phone back about 20 minutes after I found it.