Sherpaa was on WNYC this morning. Give it a listen! And here’s the link to the story.

Very excited to be on NPR this morning. 

Here’s an interesting fact about Sherpaa and how we’re operating. 99% of the time, people with health concerns reach out to us by email. We get so few phone calls. Of course this makes sense. No annoying doctor phone tag and so many of us hardly ever use the phone part of our iPhone. 

That being said, if you listen, you can hear our wonderful Dr. Susan Gonnella’s voice as she’s being interviewed about Sherpaa. So many people have been emailing us they’ve never even heard Dr. Gonnella! We’re thrilled to work with her. She’s so amazing at what she does. She’s been the head of Amex and Citigroup’s corporate clinical services for the past 15 years, so she’s got a wealth of experience and relationships she brings to Sherpaa.  And it’s simply amazing to be working with such forward-thinking physicians who want to do things better. I’m a happy guy.