I went for a ride over the Williamsburg Bridge and into the city. Down the east side, into South Street Seaport, Wall Street, TriBeCa, and up through the West Village. It’s bad. That’s the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. And that’s the building that had its entire facade sheared off. There were so many random things washed up on the sidewalk. It was as if the waters … Continue reading

What has happened is not that food has led to art, but that it has replaced it. Foodism has taken on the sociological characteristics of what used to be known — in the days of the rising postwar middle class, when Mortimer Adler was peddling the Great Books and Leonard Bernstein was on television — as culture. It is costly. It requires knowledge and connoisseurship, … Continue reading

The Sherpaa team went to tumblr yesterday to give some flu shots. All in all, it was an excellent time. There were two main choices you had to make as a flu shot recipient: What kind of band-aid do you want? (Curious George, Help!, Cynthia Rowley) What kind of lollipop do you want? (Tootsie Pop or Jolly Rancher) I’m happy to report that nobody cried. … Continue reading

Sherpaa is in the November issue of Fast Company in an article entitled Facing the Techy Youthful Future of Healthcare, including that funny little drawing that looks about 20% like me. Favorite quote: “Whenever health care is run by our generation, it’s going to look much different. That’s pretty exciting.” Continue reading