I bought a car this weekend— a 2010 Mini Cooper Hardtop. Life in NYC is interesting. You typically stay in the same neighborhoods and go to the same places because, well, it’s familiar and it’s easy to get to via the subway. But that leaves whole swaths of NYC and its’ wonderful neighborhoods unseen because it’s just so expensive or such a pain in the butt to get to. 

Not anymore. The city and the surrounding areas are mine. I’ve got a bike rack coming for the roof. Installing it this week. Now I can go anywhere I want with my bike on top. I’m sure more and more of my weekends will be spent outside of the city, in the countryside. I need that right now. Starting a new company is stressful and I’ve found just taking a breather and not working on Sherpaa on the weekends keeps me sane. 

I went to the beach yesterday at Fort Tilden, just because I wanted to. I went to the driving range tonight out near Coney Island, just because I can.

It’s a whole new era for me and NYC.