I’m thrilled to announce that Sherpaa has raised $1.85 million. We’re now that much closer to our mission of making healthcare more accessible and more affordable. 

It’s so obvious that healthcare needs a big change. And it’s even more obvious that the current way of doing things is broken and unsustainable. But there’s a better way for the vast majority of us to experience healthcare. When the stats say that 70% of ER visits are not real emergencies and 70% of traditional office visits could be handled over the phone or via email, it was too much for me to handle. It’s always been my dream to redesign how you go to the doctor and make your life easier. Healthcare is just full of so much possibility and I truly believe it can and will be awesome. But when you don’t have a doctor you can email or call at any time when you’re in a bind, you do the best you can. You go to the ER because it’s accessible or you try and make an appointment with your doctor only to be told the first appointment is next week.

I can’t stand inefficiencies. And I can’t stand sitting around watching this broken system make everyone miserable and broke. So we’re building a company and a team to change that. We will make healthcare better. I’m confident of that. With this money, we’re stepping on the gas hiring an agile team of salespeople and developers to change healthcare. We’ve started in NYC and have plans to expand to other cities like SF, DC, and Chicago.

I couldn’t be happier with the team of investors who believed in Sherpaa:

These guys are simply wonderful people. They’re friends and business partners. They’re fantastically audacious and ridiculously talented. Healthcare is a big fat hairy problem. And they’re willing to put up money, expertise, and their networks to make it better. There aren’t too many success stories in healthcare. But they’re willing to take that bold risk because they want to solve real, human issues that matter to our country. They are the perfect partners.

Bryce, Phin, and Craig…I can’t thank you enough for believing in us. Here’s to making healthcare better. Here’s to building a remarkable company that people love. Here’s to changing lives.

Full speed ahead, Sherpaa.