Our findings add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that energy expenditure is consistent across a broad range of lifestyles and cultures. Of course, if we push our bodies hard enough, we can increase our energy expenditure, at least in the short term. But our bodies are complex, dynamic machines, shaped over millions of years of evolution in environments where resources were usually limited; … Continue reading

I’m super proud that my co-founder of Sherpaa is Cheryl Swirnow. Cheryl is the magic behind our special Sherpaa sauce. I’m the doctor side of things. She’s the insurance side. Women in tech are exceedingly and unfortunately rare. I have to applaud Women 2.0 in their initiative to raise awareness about this issue and ultimately change the balance in the industry. And I hope that someday … Continue reading

I just had breakfast with my friend Amit Gupta. He started Photojojo, my favorite photography site on the internet. And 10 months ago, many of you may remember, he was diagnosed with leukemia. In the meantime, the internet came together to save one of our own. He received a bone marrow transplant and is doing very well thanks to an anonymous donor with a perfect … Continue reading

I’m thrilled to announce that Sherpaa has raised $1.85 million. We’re now that much closer to our mission of making healthcare more accessible and more affordable.  It’s so obvious that healthcare needs a big change. And it’s even more obvious that the current way of doing things is broken and unsustainable. But there’s a better way for the vast majority of us to experience healthcare. … Continue reading

From my friends at Greatist, 26 Healthy Habits That Really Aren’t So Healthy. Here’s a smattering: 1. Enhanced water. A little faux fruity flavor might seem like a great way to up H2O intake, but flavored water, like Vitamin Water or even Smart Water, can be filled with sugar. Skip the artificially sweetened water and infuse water with actual fruit. 2. Granola and granola bars. Granola is made from whole grains, so it can’t be … Continue reading