As a doctor, starting your own practice can be challenging. The biggest issue here is what do you do on the first day you hang your shingle? It’s not like you’re busy seeing 20 patients. And if you’re not busy, you’re not making money. A practice has to grow gradually and organically over time. Also, opening a traditional practice is expensive. But what if you opened your practice and you were busy the first day? Well, that’s what we’d like to facilitate.

Sherpaa is growing like crazy. And that’s a wonderful thing. This means we’re getting calls on a regular basis from our clients and we’re either solving the issue over email or the phone or referring them to our favorite specialists. But the point is, we’d love to partner with a really wonderful doctor here in NYC who wants to set up a house call (or rather, an office call) practice to see our clients. When anyone has a health issue, you’d visit their office and treat them. It’s super convenient for them. And super fun and fulfilling for you. 

Here’s the kicker. This would be almost exactly like the house call practice I set up as my first practice. The overhead would be next to nothing. I started my practice with $1500 and my overhead was less than 10%. And, right from the start, you’d have immediate business because we’d serve as your referral source to take care of our people. We’d all win. You, Sherpaa, and Sherpaa’s lovely people we cover. 

Anyway, just a thought. But I think it would be wonderful. Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

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