Here’s the link to the CBS This Morning story on Sherpaa for all of those who couldn’t wake up early enough this morning. 

I can’t thank David and the folks at tumblr enough. We owe so much to them in helping us get off the ground. We’re fortunate to have such great partners and it just shows how much David is thinking about designing not only tumblr the product, but tumblr the company to be the very best they can be.

For any of you interested in Sherpaa or what I’m up to lately, tune in to CBS This Morning tomorrow at 8:10 am. There’s a big story on Sherpaa and tumblr. And it’s going to be all over the nation. Exciting times indeed. It’s nice to know that others think it’s also a big deal. We’re making healthcare more affordable and more accessible. A noble feat. But also a huge challenge. Wish us the best!

We’re hiring developers.

We’re looking for one front-end and one back-end developer to build Sherpaa’s platform. We’re designing and building it from the ground up so it’s a wonderful opportunity to help us define the product and lay the groundwork for many years to come. We’re a design-driven company and appreciate things that not only look beautiful, but also have beautiful code.

We’re also a mission-driven company wanting to make healthcare awesome. If you’re a developer who wants to work on creating a meaningful product that solves real problems, please send your résumé to We’d love to have a chat and see if you’d be a good fit for our team.

In addition to an awesome salary, some equity, and the opportunity to be employee #4 and #5 at the best health startup ever, you’ll also get the best health benefits you can imagine.


Our new Sherpaa business cards arrived. Not to get all American Psycho on anyone, but they’re ridiculously stunning, and even more so in real life. They were designed by the lovely and talented Kari Rimell (hit her up if you’re looking for some design work). And they were printed, pressed, and painted by Henry and Co, the finest letterpress shop you can imagine—impeccable service, an obsession for detail, and just all around real gentlemen. Just look at that embossing and Sherpaa-colored edge-painting! And here’s the real geekery:

The paper is really white. That’s really the only way to have the red/orange look like the right color – print directly on white paper and print gray ink around it to make it look like gray paper. The edge painting completes the illusion.”