Exciting stuff to report about my new company, Sherpaa.  First, I’m super happy to say that Cheryl Swirnow (Greenhill) has joined me as a co-founder of Sherpaa. Cheryl was head of HR at The Barbarian Group so she knows pretty much everything to know about health insurance for companies. Prior to that, she worked at Quintessentially, a 24/7 global concierge service. So she pretty much … Continue reading

Played golf with my pops today— one of my favorite things in the world to do. I used to shoot even par almost all of the time. But now I play once or twice a year. I shot 37 on the back nine with three birdies. I still have it in me. It just takes 9 holes to get it back. Continue reading

So the first person to guess how these photos are connected wins a huge, huge prize. Update: Infoneer-Pulse wins the huge, huge prize. Both were shot by my good friend, Noah Kalina. I’ve known Noah since way back in 2003 or so and it’s been amazing to witness his success. And he’ll be the first to tell you that I wouldn’t be anything without that … Continue reading

It’s a little wonky, but here is the state of primary care in America. From the WSJ.  Dr. Hammond’s practice roughly broke even last year, with a profit of $29,261. The practice distributes its profit as bonuses to staff. Dr. Hammond says the practice operates on such a thin cash cushion that if a doctor or one of Westminster’s two physician assistants were gone for more … Continue reading