I just ordered this bike. It should get here in 3 weeks or so, just in time for Spring. It’s a Spot Brand cyclocross bike that should hold up quite nicely on the streets of NYC, but also let me ride long distances on some relatively rough terrain. And just in case I ever want to compete in some cyclocross events, I’ve got a bike to let me do that. 

And this bike is gorgeous and hand made in Colorado.

However, I’m looking for a riding partner. I need someone who lives in Williamsburg who can commit to a daily morning ride out to Prospect Park, around the loop, and back. It’s not a massive ride— only about 15 miles. But it’s a partnership to ride and spur each other on and keep each other accountable and get extremely fit. If you don’t already know, the evidence-based secret to sticking with a habit, like exercising, is having a partner.  Any takers?