When I find something I really like, I get excited. Really excited. I think it’s in my genes. My gramps is the same way. One of my favorite stories about him is that time he turned orange. He heard that carrots can prevent cancer. So he bought a juicer and drank a 5 pound bag of carrots every day for a few months. He lived in Arkansas. I lived in St. Louis so we didn’t get to see him for months on end. We pulled up to his driveway and he was orange– highlighter orange.

I ate these eggs this morning. I’m going to be quite secretive about where I get my eggs, because they only have a few chickens on their farm, but holy hell, they’re the best eggs I’ve ever seen and tasted. The chickens don’t eat any processed food. It’s all bugs and grasses. And there must be something magical in those bugs, because that yolk is almost red.

Falling in love with real food and having a healthy obsession with finding the healthiest and tastiest food is a wonderful hobby. Trips to the farmer’s market on Saturdays. Trying some weird new food that you can’t find at the grocery store only to find out it’s amazing (this week it was freekeh). Cooking ostrich fillets. Pea shoot salads with grilled haloumi. 

The beautiful thing is that I think our society is going through a slow revolution. Our society is getting more health conscious. Fast food restaurants are making our healthy food choices easier. Snacks are becoming low calorie, tasty, and organic. And the more people who demand them, ideally, the cheaper they will become. Just think what food choices looked like 20 years ago. It’s been a sea change for the better. 

Healthy, fresh, and tasty food is super easy to get in my neighborhood. Of course, I live in a pretty wealthy and fashionable neighborhood. But every sea change starts with those who get it and who can afford it. Now all we have to do is get some of these foods into the food deserts. In another 20 years, they’ll be there, if the past 20 years are any indication. It’s just frustratingly slow.