Why we started Sherpaa


If our healthcare industry functioned like a true System, Sherpaa would be irrelevant. The definition of a system is:

A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.

Healthcare in America doesn’t work together. And it is disconnected, not interconnected.

There have been many attempts to make health(care) simple. There’s ZocDoc doing wonderful things with making appointments with doctors online. There’s WebMD publishing information to the world that was once only available to doctors. There’s Dr. Cranquis using tumblr as a well-trained, entertaining, and knowledgeable physician answering health questions for the tumblr community. There’s the Withings Scale uploading your weight to the cloud every morning. And, then, of course, there’s the cloud.

But even all of these things are disconnected. And having access to information without having a professional to make that information relevant to you, doesn’t always ease your anxiety.

What we need is a real-time command center for health manned by local doctors that’s plugged in to you, your needs, local healthcare resources, and the best online resources and tools that help you optimize your health. This command center organizes everything for you because it’s their job, not yours, to keep on top of all of the health options you have nowadays, both in your neighborhood and online.

There’s a confluence of things all coming together that, if organized, filtered by wisdom, and presented to you in a very human and personal way, can truly make your health simple. 

So we’ve gathered together a group of truly amazing doctors to serve as your Guides. And we’ve also gathered together a carefully curated group of local specialists who are friendly with our Guides and want to work together with us to provide the exact care you need. These doctors know that healthcare should be delivered in a better way and want to be a part of something new and better. They’re mission-driven, well-trained, and have great personalities— I couldn’t think of a better combination. They’re the modern day Marcus Welby’s.

And we’re all working together with you to simplify your health. Wish us luck!