I’m very excited to announce that we’ve officially launched Sherpaa.

Who it’s for: Currently it’s for tumblr’s employees. In the near future, we’ll be signing up other NYC-based companies.

Why: When you’re sick or hurt, figuring out exactly who and what you need and when you need it is difficult. You need an accessible, friendly doctor you can call and email 24/7 who will either solve the problem right then and there or guide you to the highest quality, health professionals with the best personalities who will provide exactly the care you need.

Our wonderful friends at tumblr are our first clients. And that means that all of tumblr’s employees can now email or call our doctors (or Guides as we call them) 24/7 when they have a health concern or question. Our Guides are well connected, in-the-know local doctors. Sometimes they can solve everything for you right away, and other times they’ll collaborate with other New York City specialists to arrange the most appropriate care for you. They make your health simple. And that’s our mission. 

We’re starting slow. We’re focusing on working exclusively with tumblr for a while and will soon be signing up other NYC-based companies. If you’re interested in joining Sherpaa, please do let us know.

I’ve been quite busy for the past few months getting Sherpaa started. This is the next big phase of my life. And I’m super proud of it. It’s a service designed and built by us at The Future Well. We’re doing wonderful things and I’m a happy, happy guy.