The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene performs unannounced sanitary inspections of every restaurant at least once per year.  Here’s a map of all of those restaurants and their violations. Looks like I won’t be eating at that restaurant I’ve been meaning to try. Continue reading

When I find something I really like, I get excited. Really excited. I think it’s in my genes. My gramps is the same way. One of my favorite stories about him is that time he turned orange. He heard that carrots can prevent cancer. So he bought a juicer and drank a 5 pound bag of carrots every day for a few months. He lived … Continue reading

Over a lifetime, a medical student who specializes can expect to earn $3.5 million more than a medical student who chooses primary care. via When boomers retire from the doctor profession, primary care dies. And that quote up there is by far the number one reason why. An extra $3.5 million is hard to turn down. Continue reading

I’m in Baltimore today speaking at the American Visionary Art Museum. Clay Shirky is speaking first and I’m following him. It should be great. I left Baltimore for NYC in 2007 after finishing up my residency at Hopkins. The Visionary was one of my favorite parts of Baltimore, and I’ll probably even say that it’s my favorite museum in the US. Life is so fascinating … Continue reading