This is a photo of what the Google Self-Driving car “sees” and how it detects other vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic lights. A few weeks ago at Google Zeitgeist, I got to have lunch with Larry Page, but we didn’t talk about this project. If we would have, I would have told him that this is one of the most important issues the internet can solve. Imagine if all 40,000 people killed in America every year on our highways could be alive today because an internet company had enough vision to make our roads ultra-safe. This initiative would save more lives than almost all of western medicine combined. 

Actually I only say this because American medicine allows 100,000 people a year to die due to medical errors and I hope we actually save 100,000 people a year too. In fact, I don’t know how many lives are “saved” by doctors in America. I can only hope we save more than we allow die.

(via How Google’s Self-Driving Car Works)