Don’t forget about Friday’s Brown Bones Party to get damn near everyone in NYC’s cheeks swabbed and tested to see if they can be a bone marrow donor for Amit. If you are of South Asian descent, please, please do make a special effort to get tested because it’s so difficult to find matches in the South Asian population. And even if you’re not of South Asian descent, you can still get registered and save a life. It’s so easy (a swab of your cheek!) and, I promise, there’s absolutely nothing better for you to do on Friday night. And even if you’re not a match for Amit, you can still get registered and save someone else’s life.

Say you are the lucky one to donate your bone marrow to Amit or someone else, just imagine the way you’ll feel for the rest of your life knowing that there’s someone alive today, living and loving life as fully as can be, because of you. 

*UPDATE 1* Organize a donor drive near you (the most helpful thing you could possibly do!) email 100kcheeks@gmail.comThey’ll send you kits, flyers, tell you what to say, and make the whole process easy cheesy.

*UPDATE 2* Want to get a free test, but not in the US. Here’s a list ofinternational donor registries that are globally searchable.