Tumblr and Twitter

A few days ago, I posted a story about food stamps being worth double at farmers markets in Michigan. It’s a great idea. As of now, that particular post has 847 likes and/or reblogs on tumblr. 

And as of now, that same post on twitter has 6 retweets.

I’m not a huge fan of twitter for everyday purposes. I really don’t use it at all except to connect my tumblr to it so people who use twitter can still follow me on tumblr. I surely understand the power of twitter when speed of information is at stake (natural disasters, breaking news, etc.). But…twitter is just so ugly, so boring when breaking things aren’t happening, and a bunch of really great information is easily missed because every tweet looks the same.

Tumblr is the most engaging intelligent platform on the internet simply because it’s an incredibly engaged community, it’s beautiful, it’s very visual, and it’s just super fun to use.

847 vs. 6? It’s kind of a joke.