Thank you

Four years ago today, I started my practice in Williamsburg that really changed my life in an unfathomable way. And four years later, today, I’m at Google Zeitgeist speaking about my story. This morning’s speaking schedule went like this:

  • Eric Schmidt, ex-CEO of Google 
  • Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor under Clinton (follow him on tumblr)
  • Justice Sandra Day O’ Connor, first female on the Supreme Court 
  • Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark 
  • Dr. Dean Ornish 
  • Me 

It really blows my mind what’s happened to me in the last four years. If I would have taken the comfortable road, none of this would have happened. And if it weren’t for you and others like you paying attention to my words and my life, none of this would have happened. So thank you for reading, caring, and paying attention. It’s our work together that will change things for the better.