I’ll be done paying off my med school loans when I’m 65.

It’s a damn fine day. After four years of trying to consolidate my medical school loans, I just received my approval in the mail.

I graduated from medical school in 2002 with over $270,000 worth of educational loans just from medical school. As of today, I currently owe $204,823.12. 

I’ve been stuck in a ten year repayment plan and my monthly bill was over $5,000. Obviously, that puts a strain on almost anyone. Due to federal policies and other details, I’ve been stuck in that plan. Magically, it seems, I’m no longer stuck. My monthly bill is now only $822.67 for the next 30 years. I’ll have paid them off when I’m 65.

This is the reality of our American medical school education.

Cheers everyone! It really is a lovely day!