‘Always a Family’ Remembers a Father’s Last Phone Call on 9/11

StoryCorps records true stories as told by real people and then brings them to life with animation. ‘Always a Family’ is the heartbreaking story of a father who called his family on the morning of September 11 from the 103rd floor of the North Tower to say goodbye.

This one is completely heartbreaking — you’ll probably need a hug after you watch it.

StoryCorps is one of my favorite things on the internet, in addition to David Lynch’s Interview Project. But this story is heartbreaking. If you knew the person you loved only had a short time left on this earth, but things fell apart, what would you do to fix your relationship with him or her? I guess the truth is that we all just have such a short time in this world, and our relationships are all we have. You’ve got to throw everything you can into them, because, it’s situations like this that give us all a bit of perspective. Get over some differences. Focus on the good in each other. Know that the vast majority of problems you have in this relationship will very likely resurface in future relationships. And just get on with living life to it’s fullest. Life’s too short not to work things out.