I love those things so much. And when I love something like that, I’ve really got no willpower. I put them on the kitchen table and every time I walk past them throughout the day I grab 3 or 4. I may do that 10 or 15 times a day. And there’s an extra 600 calories none of us need.

So…my solution that I’ve employed for the past 4 years is, I simply don’t have snacks in my house at all. Well, occasionally I’ll have carrots and olives, but that’s about it. Definitely nothing as stupid easy as pretzel crisps.

I’ve got a few tricks I use to stay skinny and healthy:

  • I work at a standing desk (I burn an extra 300 calories a day by simply standing).
  • I don’t have snacks in my home.
  • I go to the gym, ride my bike, or swing the kettlebell at least 4 times a week.
  • I don’t drink my calories. If I’m craving juice or something sweet I dilute it 3:1 with water.

Well, that last one is not actually true. I do drink wine, beer, and whiskey on a pretty regular basis. Because health is a spectrum of gray. Life is no fun in black and whites. I just sacrifice stupid calories for fun calories.