How I travel…

I was in Lucerne, Switzerland last week speaking at a conference and Rio de Jeneiro this week on vacation. I used Airbnb for both trips. Airbnb says it’s restoring the humanity in travel. It’s true. When I travel, I want to feel as much of what it’s like to be a native. I don’t want five star hotels. I want a local apartment and a friend from the neighborhood. I just booked a place for tomorrow night in the Santa Theresa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro and this is what I got back from the couple I’m staying with:

Hi Jay,

Thanks for your informations.

To arrive at our home from the Bus terminal by taxi you can speak to the driver to go to “Rua Taylor” (Taylor Street) in the “GLORIA” District.

Then, when he starting to go up, after about 300 m. (0,20 mi) you encounter a big white house.

You can stop there, and then to go a little down on your left.

Our home is a orange one with green windows on a stairway corner.

By taxi its about 15-20 min, depending on the traffic.

Pay attention to bring a yellow taxi with the name of the company on a blue side line, and that is using the “meter”.

See you soon, best regards.


This is how the Internet should work. It should make us more human. It should connect us in real life and make real relationships happen.