Consider two numbers: 800,000 and 21. The first is the number of medical research papers that were published in 2008. The second is the number of new drugs that were approved by the Food and Drug Administration last year. That’s an ocean of research producing treatments by the drop. Indeed, in recent decades, one of the most sobering realities in the field of biomedical research has been the fact … Continue reading

Following up on my recent chicken pox vaccine post: The number of babies who died in the entire United States in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 with varicella as the underlying cause was zero. Remember, we don’t even vaccinate kids younger than one, so any benefits they are seeing are from herd immunity. This is an aspect of immunization which is discussed too rarely. You don’t … Continue reading

Hey my company is in Vogue Living’s “Being Human” edition, highlighting “design that puts people first.” Yeeha… Pediatrician and Preventive Medicine specialist Jay Parkinson believes quality health care requires good design and community engagement. It’s a message he is bringing to consumers and the medical industry worldwide through The Future Well; the design and consultancy firm was launched last year by Parkinson and partner Grant … Continue reading

So it looks like the combination of cocaine and alcohol has taken another musician’s life. Here are the facts about combining cocaine and alcohol: In 74% of cocaine-related fatalities in the United States, another drug, usually alcohol, had been co-ingested. The addition of alcohol to cocaine increases the risk of sudden death 25-fold. Cocaine is the most frequently reported substance associated with drug abuse or … Continue reading

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Chickenpox Deaths Plummet With Help Of Vaccine

I’ve said this many times before, but for anyone who questions vaccines, please, please reassess your views. Vaccines save lives. It’s as simple and beautiful as that. Ever since the chickenpox vaccine became routine for kids back in 1995, deaths from the virus, also known as varicella, have been dropping. A study in the journal Pediatrics out today tells us just how steep that drop … Continue reading Chickenpox Deaths Plummet With Help Of Vaccine