The most vital element for the future of our cities is that the bicycle is an instrument of experiential understanding.

On a bicycle, citizens experience their city with deep intimacy, often for the first time. For a regular motorist to take that two or three mile trip by bicycle instead is to decimate an enormous wall between them and their communities. (via Secret Republic)

Last week, I was in London and Paris for meetings with clients (Sanofi and Brown Forman). I took my Brompton bike with me. It folds up easily and Virgin doesn’t count bicycles as a piece of checked luggage, so it’s super convenient. I spent the week riding from meeting to meeting all throughout both cities. I rode to my meeting in Soho in London, rode to the St. Pancras train station, folded up my bike, jumped on the train to Paris, went under the ocean, unfolded it, and rode to my hotel Mama Shelter. Grant and I spent the week riding to meetings and exploring Paris. Nothing beats riding the streets of Paris at midnight on a bike you travel the world with…by far, it’s the best way to live. 

On a related note, I think I have the best job in the world…I absolutely love what I do.