Louie (by Brian Moore)

Louie Evans has become a Boston legend by riding around the city on his tricycle and yelling what some people call a “siren noise.” Who is he? Why does he ride? Interviews with the employees of Back Bay Bicycles, the store that does complimentary repairs for Louie’s bike, and Louie himself outline the mysterious ‘trike rider’s life as a dedicated bicyclist and as a compassionate, misunderstood person.

There are people in a neighborhood that everyone recognizes, but very few people know. It sounds like Louie is one of them. I think using your skills as a filmmaker to tell these people’s stories is simply one of the greatest uses of technology. 

See also, the tall screaming man of Bedford Avenue and Williamsburg’s oldies singer in the station wagon.

I recently heard of an overseas orphanage teaming up with really amazing photographers to spend a few hours taking really beautiful photos of the older kids who were having difficulty finding homes. Needless to say, it worked. A beautiful photo goes a long way.

I’d love to see someone create a non-profit that connects talented photographers with orphanages, Kiva loan recipients, the SPCA, and any other sort of group that relies on the internet to do business. You’ve got photographic skills people, put them to good use. Do something like this for a cause you believe in.