You, as a doctor, should be in control of your own online opinion.

For example, take a look at Dr. Cranquis’ tumblr. For the past year or so, Dr. Cranquis has been taking questions from the general public, adding his personality, his expertise, and answering real life questions from real people. Over the course of the year, he’s amassed hundreds of opinions across hundreds of different subjects. 

If you were looking for a doctor, would you go to him? You’ve got a whole year’s worth of his thinking, his personality, and his recommendations. I know I would. I can see:

  • he’s got a personality
  • he knows what he’s talking about
  • he’s a good communicator
  • he gives a damn
  • he’s a forward thinker

Just as I don’t hire anyone who doesn’t have their own personal blog and contribute to it on a regular basis (don’t send me your resume, send me a link to your blog), I wouldn’t go to a doctor without knowing how they think. Owning your own online personality and opinions is vital, especially when more and more people (both doctors and patients) are looking at the online reviews about you from people you’ve pissed off.

(also, this gives you a bit of a hint about what I’ve been working on for the past six months)

Now the next step is figuring out who this Dr. Cranquis character is…