Women as physicians…

Kottke, The Benefits of a Different Perspective:

Hedge funds managed by women outperformed those managed by men over the past nine years.

I’d love to see these kinds of stats applied to doctors. I would be willing to make the bet that female physicians have better health outcomes over time– less ego, less desire to fix something and subject you to unnecessary procedures, and better communication. 

But I may be wrong…

Last night I went to “Sleep No More” in Chelsea.

If you’re into 1930’s medical ephemera, Macbeth, masks, taxidermy, wandering around by yourself in the dark through 1930’s hospital wards and barely lit forests, I think you’ll love it.

It’s an entire 6 story building and you can explore the whole thing. If you go, in order to see the entire Macbeth show, latch on to an actor and follow her throughout the building…eventually you’ll see almost every scene.

Everyone wears masks. It’s like David Lynch meets Eyes Wide Shut meets Broadway…and you get to wander six floors of an intricately designed set. You can touch and explore everything. In fact, it’s encouraged.

Natalie Portman was in the crowd right next to me all night. But I had no idea, she was the masked pregnant one.

I took a Knife Skills class tonight at The Brooklyn Kitchen

Every neighborhood needs to have a well designed kitchen space led by a passionate group of experts.

I learned how to:

  • safely and properly cut all kinds of vegetables using ten or so different techniques
  • how to butcher a chicken
  • how to make a vegetable or chicken stock from the scraps (every home cook throws away hundreds of dollars of food every year)

If you live in NYC, visit the Brooklyn Kitchen and Meat Hook. You’ll be glad you did. If you don’t live in NYC, start something similar in your city.

There was outrage earlier this week when it was reported that a man sentenced to 18-to-40-years for sexually assaulting a teenage relative was being considered for a costly heart transplant. The procedure was to cost taxpayers $800,000 by some estimates, but would have extended the life of one Kenneth Pike, 55, who was flown from the state prison in Coxsackie to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, where 49 patients are awaiting donor hearts. He would have been the first New York prisoner to get the costly procedure, the Post reports, but now he’s had a (sorry!) change of heart. (via Gothamist)

orthorexia |ˌôrθəˈreksēə|

an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy food

Not a medical diagnosis. It’s just now part of the conversation…



A Very Different Health-Care Debate

There is no “patient interest group” in DC to hold our Medical Care System accountable representing we, the people’s, interest. People may think or say we need fundamental changes or a complete rebuild, but how are they going to do that at the federal level when they’ve turned over the decision-making process to the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association, Big Pharma, etc?

I don’t believe our congresspeople are representing our best interests. They’re influenced by the multi-million dollar lobbying budgets from the big corporate medical players. And right now, with no significant pressure to answer for the 100,000 lives that are lost due to medical errors, the Medical Care system is doing what it wants, at our expense.