The latest New York Magazine cover article is about the bike lane wars happening in NYC for the past few years.

The bike lane war can be summed up fairly easily. It’s a war between one side who believes that cities and neighborhoods shouldn’t be designed to support health and exercise. They champion: 

  • Selfishness. They want their cars to own the road.
  • Laziness. They want to expend as little energy as possible to get from point A to point B.
  • Ignorance. They’ve never seen a city where biking is just as vital as driving.

The other side champions:

  • Exercise.
  • Health.
  • Equal sharing of the road.
  • Fun.

Why is it that people in America who want to pursue health have to fight so hard to be healthy?

Are there people out there who believe that a hellish, unsupportive environment is good for raising children? A healthy transportation culture should be as universally accepted as the importance we place on fostering an optimal environment for children. But then again, our education system in America is woefully underfunded, so maybe we don’t believe in creating supportive environments for children.

If we don’t get our priorities right, Wall-E is just around the corner.

(via Is New York Too New York for Bike Lanes?)