Only 45% of people qualifying as overweight said they’d ever been told that by a physician. Among those with a BMI qualifying them as obese, 66% reported being told by a doctor they were overweight. (via the WSJ)

photo: an MRI of two women, one 250 lbs and the other 120.

Google introduces new “Recipes” results. It’s becoming easier and easier to eat well…

You can search by dish, ingredients or even a holiday or event. There are also filters based on cooking time, calorie count and more.

Haagen Dazs has figured things out. They recently launched their new product “Five, all-natural ice cream crafted with only five ingredients for incredibly pure, balanced flavor… and surprisingly less fat!”

And McDonald’s recently introduced “oatmeal.” As Mark Bittman says:

“Real oatmeal contains no ingredients; rather, it is an ingredient…A more accurate description than “100% natural whole-grain oats,” “plump raisins,” “sweet cranberries” and “crisp fresh apples” would be “oats, sugar, sweetened dried fruit, cream and 11 weird ingredients you would never keep in your kitchen…Why would McDonald’s, which appears every now and then to try to persuade us that it is adding “healthier” foods to its menu, take a venerable ingredient like oatmeal and turn it into expensive junk food? Why create a hideous concoction of 21 ingredients, many of them chemical and/or unnecessary? Why not try, for once, to keep it honest?”

Eat smart people. Fewer things going into your body you can’t pronounce is better. There’s little to no evidence to say that’s true (the studies are ridiculously hard, there’s nobody with big pockets investing in finding this out, and humans are extremely socially complex), it just feels true. And for me, I feel better not being part of their machine.

(via How to Make Oatmeal … Wrong –

Do we, as a society, ignore the concept of living well when kids are most impressionable?

When do kids start mimicking family and friends and start forming lifelong habits? Almost immediately after birth. 

Then why do we wait until middle school to introduce “Health” to the kids as part of a formal curriculum, that coincidentally, happens in a period when kids are just becoming rebellious? 

If parents don’t place living healthfully high on their priority list, how are kids supposed to learn about the importance of eating well, being active, having great relationships, enjoying sex, relaxing, etc..

But the most important question is, how do we teach infants and toddlers about health? Of course we do it through example, but then what are the teaching aids, the books, and truly entertaining things that emphasize living well?

Right now, if you as a parent don’t do it, it seems we’re letting Ronald McDonald entertain our kids and some hopefully good middle school teacher in a woefully underfunded educational system do it for us.